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My future...

28. 4. 2010

My future

I think that it´s still quite early to talk about my future, but obviously I am sure about some things.

For example, this weekend I´m going to the mountains. I am going to do my Dutch homework, because I don´t have the time to do it during the week. When I´m writing this, it´s already half past ten p.m. I´ve been working on my Dutch all day, but it´s not done yet, so I´ll have to continue during the weekend. Maybe I´ll have some time to go skiing.

Next year I am going to celebrate my 18th birthday. I´m really looking forward to it, finally being an adult. I know it brings many duties with it, too, but I don´t care so much now. I´d like to get my driving license, so I would be the second in the family who can drive so my dad wouldn´t have to do all the work.

I am going to graduate in four years. I´m a bit nervous about it, but… I´d like to graduate from English. I hope you won´t be too severe J. It´s my unrealizable dream to go to Harvard, but I don´t think that I am that good.

My far future is still hazy. I´d like to live in California in a nice house in the suburb of San Francisco with a nice husband and beautiful children. I don´t know yet, what job I will be doing, but I am sure that I´ll like to do it. 



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